Iowa Flood Center Project

The Iowa Flood Center is working closely with the Turkey River Watershed Management Authority and Turkey River Watershed Alliance on a five-year, hydrologic assessment and modeling project in the Turkey River Watershed to gain a better understanding of strategies to:

  • Maximize soil water holding capacity from precipitation
  • Minimize severe scour erosion and sand deposition during floods
  • Manage water runoff in uplands under saturated soil moisture conditions
  • Reduce and mitigate structural and nonstructural flood damages

Project Timeline

Phase I – Hydrologic Assessment of the Turkey River Watershed
June 2012:  Watershed kickoff meeting; Commence data collection and watershed modeling
Fall 2012:  Quarterly meeting: Model development and data needs
Winter 2013: Quarterly meeting: Hydrologic modeling initial findings, community and landowner engagement in the watershed
Spring – Fall 2013: Continue quarterly meetings to discuss modeling progress, discuss potential projects for implementation, and share progress on other watershed activities
Fall 2013: Complete and present hydrologic assessment; Identify HUC 12s for Phase II
Winter 2014:  Finalize hydrologic assessment report

Phase II – Construction and Implementation of Projects
Summer – Fall 2013: Explore project locations; Begin designing projects
Winter – Spring 2014: Design Projects
Summer 2014-2015: Construct Projects
Summer 2014-2017: Monitor and assess projects
Summer 2017:  Finalize Phase II report

Quarterly Updates

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Iowa Flood Center

In addition to the watershed demonstration projects, the Iowa Flood Center has also put their own (student-developed) stream stage sensors at 11 locations in the Turkey River Watershed, and 100 locations across Iowa. Data from these sensors is fed into their Iowa Flood Information System.

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